Novedades versión 8.2.11

New system requirements:

  • Excel 2010 Service Pack 1 (or higher) required
  • .Net Framework 3.0 is NO LONGER required (since Excel 2010 SP1 is available).


New features and improvements:

  • New iReport bar, to make easier report execution and Report Store Search 
  • Easy Dashboard 2007: new version much faster when filtering data 
  • Import process includes new error messages for any possible scenario (no internet connection, no local ERP defined in DCR, query already defined in DCR, …) 
  • Easy DCR reports migration from Excel 2003 to 2010: DCR is automatically replacing type connection from ADO to ACE, in “data insert” task 
  • DEMO projects removed from DCR SQL Server repositories backups, included in “BBDD” folder



  • Fields name assistant from ApeSoft’s templates runs already for Excel 2010 
  • Icons toolbar keeps enabled/disabled when exit and running again DCR 
  • Easy Dashboard expands correctly internal data range although first column contains some NULL cells 
  • DCR opens correctly although there is no internet connection 
  • DCR installs OK when previous DCR installation is not removed at a  windows registry level 
  • DCR version is included in splash image, below login form 
  • Easy Dashboard: 
    • Color switch affects already to “analysis” sheet
    • Several password try supported, when protecting/unprotecting dashboard 
  • SF 6701: DCR can generate any report type on Access 2010 
  • “Executive2005” process does not crash for complex scenarios including several insert data and direct data tasks, on XP OS.
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